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Being away from my boyfriend is weird. I feel incomplete without him. I’m on vacation with my family and I just wish he were here to enjoy it with me. I’m missing my other half. Everyone is here with their significant other and I am here alone wishing he were here.My family is very strict. It usually takes years before we introduce our boyfriend or girlfriend to the whole family. I Wish things were different. His family welcomed me with open arms. They are my second family. I wish my family could see how great he treats me and how much we love one another.I hate feeling this way. 


I get furious when people talk shit about my boyfriend. I will defend him til the end, It pisses me off that my own family does it. GTFO of my life then. Saying my relationship won’t last when I didn’t even do anything, is completely fucked up. If you don’t like me posting pics of my boyfriend on MY instagram then unfollow me, simple. No one asked you to go on my page. I have never talked shit about any of your relationships. Have some respect. This guy actually treats me like a princess. He has never done me wrong. Stop trying to ruin something that actually has made me happy for once. For once, I am actually happy. He makes me feel like no other has. I am just over everyone. There;s only so much one person can take before they lose it and tonight was one of them. If anybody knows me they know that I get super pissed when people talk about my boyfriend. This is someone I love and care for. I will be damned if I let you talk shit about him.I will put you in your place, that’s for sure. I have a temper, but I know how to handle it in other situations other than my boyfriend. Idc who you are, whether you’re bigger than me, stronger than me, boy, girl, idc. I am going to defend him to the end, just as he would for me.